Nurture or Nature?
Growing up, I was blessed with access to all the best literature for children. Perhaps, then, it should come as no surprise that my penchant for storytelling emerged early in childhood; my very first story, involving a doll and "hot rock" (hot lava), was preserved on cassette tape when I was three. As I got older, I turned first to pen and paper to weave my stories, and finally to the wonderful world of computer technology. I was supported in every step of this journey by my parents and sister. Many thanks to my family for encouraging me to become the writer I am today! I love you!

What’s in a name?
My parents chose to name me after my grandmothers: June Katharine Clemons (Leppert) and Dorothy Elizabeth Swan (Mercer). Despite bearing the brunt of many childhood jokes, I loved the special ring to my name. As an adolescent, when I began to dream of being a published author, I decided to use my first and middle names as my pen name. Seeing "Katharine Swan" in print for the first time was like merging past, present, and future – my heritage, my passion, and my dream – into a single breathless moment.

And last but not least...
There are so many people who have touched my life. I want to thank all the wonderful teachers, classmates, and friends along the way: individuals who complimented, critiqued, and ultimately encouraged me to be a better writer. None of you are forgotten.

Future Writer

Grandma Mercer, age 24